Studio 49 Series 1600 Orff Metallophones

The sonorous intermediate level series 1600 metallophone models offers superiour sound quality and reliable performance for all uses.

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The Series 1600 models offers overtone hand tuned precision over the complete range from the soprano to the bass, in single and double-row (chromatic) models.


SM 1600 - Soprano Diatonic Metallophone

  • - range c2 - a3
  • - 16 bars 30 x 6 mm made of aluminium
  • - 2 mallets S 55 included
  • - includes F♯ and Bbars

H-SM 1600 - Soprano Chromatic Add-On for SM 1600

AM 1600 - Alto Diatonic Metallophone

  • - range c1 - a2
  • - 16 bars 30 x 6 mm made of aluminium
  • - 2 mallets S 7 included
  • - includes F♯ and B♭bars

H-AM 1600 - Alto Chromatic Add-On for AM 1600

BM 1600 - Bass Diatonic Metallophone

  • - range c - a1
  • - 16 bars: 6 bars 36 x 10 mm, 10 bars 32 x 8 mm made of aluminium
  • - 2 mallets S 33 included
  • - includes F♯ and B♭bars

H-BM 1600 - Bass Chromatic Add-On for BM 1600

All Models

  • - Harmonic overtone tuned by hand to A = 440 Hz
  • - Flexible pins
  • - Resonance box made of 12mm solid pine
  • - Multiple resonance chambers for a rich sound
  • - Attached handles for carrying ease
  • - Fabric-coated bar seating for lasting durability

Important Ordering Information

Ordering Studio 49 intruments: Polliacks Music does not always have this instrument in stock. If you see the words "Not in stock but ordered on demand", you should be aware that it is not currently in stock. We order these on request when an order is placed with us. This means however the expected delivery time is greatly increased (~1 month). But trust us, it is completely worth the wait!

Data sheet

  • Series: 1600



Studio 49 can be described as the Rolls Royce of Orff style instruments. The xylophones and other barred instruments are legendary for their craftmanship and musical quality. All instruments are hand tuned using a technique, called overtone tuning, in a special tuning chamber.

The instruments are durable and are still serviceable even after 20 years of withstanding the rigours of classroom teaching. The testament to that still stands in a lot of South African class rooms.


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