Casio Keyboard Power Supply AD-E95100

Keyboard Power Supply AD-E95100

Provide clean reliable power for your Casio Keyboards.

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9.5V AC power adaptor for Casio keyboard models:

    • CTK-1100
    • CTK-1150
    • CTK-1200
    • CTK-1250
    • CTK-1300
    • CTK-2200
    • CTK-2300
    • CTK-240
    • CTK-2400
    • CTK-245
    • CTK-3200
    • CTK-4200
    • CTK-4400
    • CTK-5200
    • CTK-850IN
    • CTK-860IN
    • LK-120
    • LK-125
    • LK-127
    • LK-130
    • LK-160
    • LK-170
    • LK-240
    • LK-247
    • LK-260
    • LK-280
    • SA-46
    • SA-47
    • SA-76
    • SA-77
    • SA-78
    • WK-220
    • WK-225
    • WK-240


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The greatest contribution we can make as a manufacturer is to deliver new possibilities to users, so that they can experience something completely new. At Casio, we will continue to create culture together with users, aiming to grow and develop together.


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