NUVO Clarinéo Standard Kit

This plastic clarinet is in the key of C, meaning that it is smaller and easier for children to use and you can play from the same music that other 'C' insturments play from.

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A beginners instrument with a professional tone. Ideally suited for school programs and beginners of all ages. 

The NUVO Clarinéo is a clarinet in the key of C and is ideal for young starters ages 4 to 12 years. It is much lighter and smaller than a Bb clarinet which means the finger stretches are shorter and the tone holes smaller. This takes away a lot of the physical challenges of the B♭ clarinet while encouraging kids to practice more and develop the skills and enthusiasm they will need when they are ready to step up. It can give a child up to three years head start on learning the clarinet.  Since the fingering is the same, the transition to B♭ clarinet is quick and easy when they are ready.

The Clarinéo has a rich, mellow tone just like a traditional clarinet and can play 3½ octaves fully chromatic. That’s enough for Mozarts’ Clarinet Concerto!

The Clarinéo kit comes with two NUVO synthetic reeds as well as a cane reed. As with all NUVO reed instruments standard Eb clarinet reeds will work. You may also want to try the synthetic reed by Légère which fits all Nuvo instruments.

The instrument is easy and inexpensive to maintain as well as being 100% washable in warm soapy water. This makes them ideal in school programs where children might be sharing instruments.

Data sheet

  • Accessories: Case with carrying strap, Nuvo grease for connections, synthetic reeds, cleaner.
  • Age: 4+
  • Fingering Standard
  • Instrument Weight 275g
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Tuned in C
  • Waterproof: Yes



Learning to play a musical instrument can be profoundly lifechanging. Besides the joy of making music, it gives increased confidence and a heightened sense of purpose. Numerous studies have revealed that students who participate in music programs at an early age perform better in other subjects and thrive socially. It is equally joyful and rewarding to take up a musical instrument later in life. Many traditionally designed instruments present hurdles that add to the challenges and inhibit the learning process unnecessarily. We produce instruments that minimise those hurdles and make learning easier, faster and more accessible.

Nuvo flutes, Clarinéo and accessories are:


Nuvo instruments are ergonomically suitable for all ages. They are lightweight and easy to handle.


Nuvo instruments are designed to make note production easy for beginners but the quality of the tone is not compromised.


Nuvo instruments can withstand extreme use making them particularly suited to the classroom. It is safe to keep them assembled and out on a desk stand or wall hanger, which encourages more frequent practice.


Nuvo instruments can be customised. We provide a choice of colors, styles and special editions.


Nuvo instruments are easy to carry around, assemble and clean. The materials used are 100% washable in warm soapy water! They are easily maintained.


Nuvo instruments are affordable for school programs at all levels worldwide.


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